Same Sex Attraction

Demonic spirits major in defiling Christians through sexual dysfunction. Man and woman were designed to model Christ and the church, and Satan wants to destroy that imagery. Pornography, same-sex attraction, divorce, and even sexual impotence are often traced to spiritual attachments. Tracy summarized her experience in deliverance from same-sex attraction in “Healing the Shattered Soul” that she co-authored with Pastor Jim Hanley. Here Tracy discussed inner healing she received along with removal of the demonic.

Tracy’s Testimony:

Demonization accompanies the gay lifestyle. Entering into a same-sex relationship opens the door to the enemy by creating a legal right allowing demonic spirits to influence a person’s sexual preference, sexual drive, and sexual attraction. The demon heightens sexual preoccupation.
When I was in the gay lifestyle I had ancestral spirits, an incubus spirit (a masculine enemy) and a succubus spirit (a feminine enemy) that drove me toward women and away from men. Satan’s goal is to defile God’s creation and so he reverses how the person feels internally toward themselves, the same sex and even having a disdain for the opposite sex.

I had looked for healing for many years and wondered if I was sentenced to living in ambivalence the rest of my life which meant that I would be alone. Although I never contemplated suicide, the ultimate goal for the enemy was that I take my life. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. I have personally known people in the gay lifestyle who ended their life. The choice to end their life may not even have had to do with homosexuality at all, yet their lifestyle opened the door to the enemy who then had opportunity to wreak havoc in their lives. Same sex relationships allow for the enemy to have a legal right, and once a demon has the right to influence a person’s life they will take every opportunity to ruin it in as many ways as possible.

In general, the succubus spirits are generational and strong in my extended family having come down through my parent’s generation with several family members practicing the gay lifestyle. The succubus spirit expressed itself through my struggles with same sex attraction but it was also active in my relationship with my family.

When I arrived at Moriah, I was in a same sex relationship that had been a connection I could not break even with the help of a therapist. I knew that God wanted me to make changes and I could not let go of the words He spoke to me. However, every time I tried to separate from my relationship, due to the sub-parts, I would end up on the floor sobbing and incapacitated. There were times when I lost employment because of the inner turmoil which influenced my inability to cope.

Jim and I worked for almost six months on a weekly basis discussing theology, issues about men, and T2 and Clarissa’s fears. [these were sub-personalities that were discussed in earlier chapters]They finally had a voice with someone who wanted to listen and showed love to the sub-parts. We prayed weekly, made contact with different sub-parts, confessed sins and practiced forgiveness.

Each person will experience sub-parts differently regarding their emotions as well as the way the sub-parts surface into the conscious level. For instance, some people will have parts surface but the person’s core will still be engaged and thus there may be an inner dialogue between the core and the sub-part. For me, the sub-part surfaces and I become the part. The enemy becomes my emotions. I experience the full array of the enemy’s thoughts and feelings of just giving up. I am unable to do much warfare prior to getting the part fused into the core.

I remember the day that I was free from same sex attraction and homosexuality. I actually felt that the child inside (Clarissa) had grown up (integrated) and that I was a woman. In fact I remember telling Jim “I am a woman.” Although we had spent time integrating T2 and Clarissa that week I was amazed that I was free, felt different, and knew something drastic had happened. The Lord had done the miracle He said He would do.

Once T2 and Clarissa were integrated, I was able to end my same-sex relationship, and a few weeks later with my counselor. I no longer felt as much like a child in court and not as triggered by authority figures. Decision making came much easier as I began to understand and relate to my internal sub-parts. The power of the succubus system was broken and I began to be able to read the bible and attend church on a regular basis. Both had been difficult for me. I found that making difficult and unpopular decisions became possible, including quitting my associate position to start my own practice. Most importantly, I was able to tell my longtime friends in the gay community that I was choosing a different lifestyle. They are still my friends.

Many Christians view those who are demonized as weak, not having a strong relationship with God or unwilling to submit to the Lord’s direction. This is a deception. Based on personal experience, Christians and non-Christians are demonized and yet they are oblivious to the fact that many of their physical and emotional problems stem from demonic attack. They end of up living with the oppression instead of recognizing the demonization and taking spiritual authority. In my instance, even though I recognized that there was a spiritual oppression around me, I did not connect it with demonic spirits. I now understand that the enemy controlled a great degree of my emotions and self-beliefs which in turn controlled my actions.


Same Sex Attraction

We have a very special burden with our brothers and sisters struggling with same sex attraction (SSA). Unlike many ministries that focus on the process of coping with conditions that can never really be changed, Moriah extends the hope that God can fully heal and restore to heterosexual attraction.


Glossary of Terms

An ancestral is one that has come down through the family line due to a legal right gained in previous generations. If a sin is unconfessed a demon may have gained a right and stay in a persons life.


What is a Curse?

Curses are declarations, contracts or requests for injury or evil to befall someone or something. They can be spoken or written words, incantations, or prayers that invoke evil spirits to do their work.


Satanic Ritual Abuse

Satanic Ritual Abuse creates severe internal soul damage and compounds the trauma with occult directed demonic attachments.