Our Purpose

At Moriah Freedom Ministry, our purpose is to set Christians free so that they can experience a fruitful life in Christ.  We counsel people from the Biblical perspective that God designed us and therefore knows how to repair our brokenness.  We believe that the truth of the Scriptures brings guidance, revelation, healing, and freedom into people's lives, and that His truth sets us free.

We have prayed with thousands of Christians and helped them with various addictions, depression, fear, anxiety, pornography, same sex attraction, and many other conditions that limit our ability to live healthy, fruitful lives.  We offer help for couples struggling to redeem their wounded relationships.  We also help those who have survived traumatic life experiences.  Some members of our prayer team are skilled resources for those with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) backgrounds.

We use many approaches in our ministry model including concepts from Charles Kraft's Deep Wounds Deep Healing, Defeating Dark Angels; Neil Andersen's The Bondage Breaker;  and Joe Albright's Liberating the Bruised. Our approach is more fully developed in Jim Hanley's and Tracy Kayser's book Healing the Shattered Soul, available at Amazon and on this website.


Same Sex Attraction

We have a very special burden with our brothers and sisters struggling with same sex attraction (SSA). Unlike many ministries that focus on the process of coping with conditions that can never really be changed, Moriah extends the hope that God can fully heal and restore to heterosexual attraction.


Glossary of Terms

An ancestral is one that has come down through the family line due to a legal right gained in previous generations. If a sin is unconfessed a demon may have gained a right and stay in a persons life.


What is a Curse?

Curses are declarations, contracts or requests for injury or evil to befall someone or something. They can be spoken or written words, incantations, or prayers that invoke evil spirits to do their work.


Satanic Ritual Abuse

Satanic Ritual Abuse creates severe internal soul damage and compounds the trauma with occult directed demonic attachments.