Glossary of Terms

Ancestral Demon:

An ancestral is one that has come down through the family line due to a legal right gained in previous generations. If a sin is unconfessed a demon may have gained a right and stay in a persons life. Then it will transfer down through to the children and grandchildren when an opportunity arises. This does not mean that the inheriting person is guilty of the sin. But it may mean that the person is tempted in a like manner far more than another person who has no ancestral enemy. The strongest ancestral demon will take on the formal name of the person as stated on their birth certificate. It will also be the head demon. Ancestral demons seem to be the strongest enemies we encounter.


I use the term demonization as do many others in deliverance ministries, rather than the common translation Demon-possession. Demon-possession imputes too much power to the enemy and implies that the spirit owns the person. Instead the person is victimized by the enemy and parallel translations that are worded the person “had a demon.” These translations more nearly reflect the actual relationship.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID):

This term collects whole range of symptoms from minor dissociations which could manifest panic attacks or depression to major pathologies such as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). I think of it as a continuum of symptoms. The chapter on Dissociation helps to explain this condition further. Synonyms in this work include: Traumatic Memories (TM); Soul Pocket; Part, Sub-personality


An interject is like a Dissociative Identity except for two distinctions. An interject is demonically created and contains no measure of faith. It will not accept Christ but can be removed by merely asking the Lord to remove it. Usually an interject is distinguished by being an internal image (voice and appearance) of a perpetrator in the person’s life.

False memories:

Sometimes memories have been distorted by demonic influence. They have incredible ability to distort truth even to the extent of replaying events in our past and reproducing scenes that have been fabricated by the enemy. All memories that affect family relationships coming from dissociative parts should be tested. I interrogate the spirit to find what he has done. Often they are proud to tell you all the nefarious schemes they have achieved.


A flipside is created by an Ancestral Demon whose legal right is traced back in the family lineage. A flipside will act in the ancestral demon's behalf to sabotage a persons life. The flipside is created in the womb shortly after conception. (Usually by parental rejection, child out of welock, substance abuse, consideration to abort etc,) The flipside will act like a Multiple personality except that it will never come forward, but instead will control the person’s life from behind the scenes. Until the flipside is dealt with along with the ancestral spirit the client will never be able to enjoy full Christian victory.

Head Demon:

In the spiritual realm it appears that the enemy is organized in military ranks. Just as in military organizations there is a head leader usually called a general in temporal armies. The head demon is the one in charge. It will often be an ancestral spirit. (see definition above). Each demon will report to one over it just as in military ranks.

Power Encounter:

When we directly address the enemy we call it a power encounter. It does not require yelling or screaming. The power is in Christ not the level or intensity of our voice. When we do power encounters and address the enemy we are looking for two things. We want to find out the legal right (how the enemy got in and the stronghold (the lie that allows the enemy to stay in.

Strongholds and Fortresses:

I distinguish between strongholds and fortresses in this manuscript. In the illustration of the exodus and entrance into the Promised Land, a DID is analogous to the battle of Jericho, while the deception of the Gibeonites is analogous to a stronghold. A stronghold is a belief that is in opposition to a truth of God. A fortress is when a belief is so entrenched that a wall is created that causes part of the soul to separate into a pocket of operating as a dissociated identity.


A trigger is an event or spoken words that will cause a sub-personality to begin to surface from the unconscious area of our soul. The alter will usually come to an emotional level however sometimes it will surface all the way to a conscious level.

Truth Encounter:

I distinguish between a truth encounter and power encounter as Charles Kraft does in Defeating Dark angels. A Power encounter is when we go into the garage and shoot the rats (demons). A truth encounter is when we go into the garage and clean it out. Taking someone through the steps to freedom would be an example of a truth encounter.

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