The Beginning

Moriah Freedom Ministry begins with the personal testimony of Pastor Jim Hanley. The following is an adaptation of his story found in his book, Healing the Shattered Soul , copyright 2012.

Since the early nineties I have been involved in prayer for inner healing and deliverance of Christians dealing with a wide array of symptoms. These symptoms, they believed, were spiritual attacks.

Like most of my life it was an unplanned path taken. It began when I was fairly young in ministry. I was an associate pastor with responsibilities in Christian education and counseling when two women came to me for guidance. One of them had satanic ritual abuse in her background. The other was not as entrenched in the occult but her family explored many different spiritual disciplines. They were not together, in fact they came in on different days, but I remember the events as one story.

Both were experiencing demonic visions and nightmares. Both were experiencing insomnia with uncontrollable thought patterns and having manifestations with spiritual entities. My first inclination was to send them to an outside counselor, but they begged me to help them get deliverance. They already knew the entities that had tormented them. One had known it as a familiar spirit that she had invited into her life many years before. It was something her family had encouraged. The other woman had received her spiritual tormentor as a child while being assaulted. She would hear its voice and sense its mocking presence every time she was abused. Years later, in her adult life, she left behind a trail of counselors who just wanted to talk about her experience. She was adamant that she needed deliverance. That is why she came to me.

Both women’s backgrounds were unique but both were steeped in occult exploration and one had experienced ritual abuse. I had witnessed both of these ladies in their Christian walk and was impressed by their sincere commitment. I was stunned that they could not shake their demonic symptoms since my background and formal training was that “a Christian could not be demon-possessed”. Yet both of these women were experiencing symptoms closely resembling those of demon-possession.

I tried the usual remedies, “Let’s read the scriptures that proclaim our freedom. We can rebuke them, resist them and they must flee.” This helped neither by way of encouragement or freedom. With one of the ladies we even tried a prayer team, laying on of hands, anointing with oil and fervered prayer. All of these attempts were to no avail. However, the following week I was at a pastor’s prayer meeting and I brought my experience with the two ladies up for collective prayer. We all included them in our petitions.

Afterward, two pastors approached me and had some suggestions. First, they wanted me to know that they too had experienced some of the same problems in counseling. The first pastor asked if I had heard of Neil Anderson’s ministry, Freedom in Christ, located in La Mirada California and suggested that I contact him. The other pastor suggested that I speak to Dr. Charles Kraft, a professor at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. I called both ministries that same day.

Charles Kraft responded first and sent a young man in his Master level class on Spiritual Warfare. Greg Knopf was also a member of one of his prayer teams. I saw his position like an intern in one of Kraft’s classes. While my impression may not have been accurate I was to find soon that Greg was very skilled, scripturally knowledgeable and a delight to work with in ministry. Greg explained that it was possible for a Christian to have demonic spirits. Although he used the term “demonization” and not “demon-possession,” Greg began to answer my many questions. After I was assured that this was not some deviant spiritual practice, Greg asked if we could invite the ladies to come in and he would try to help set them free. One was reluctant at that time but the other quickly volunteered.

Moriah Freedom Ministry is an inner healing approach of interactive prayer that seeks to set people free from struggles, bondage, and spiritual oppression. 

Many Christians lead relatively normal lives while experiencing difficulties that they cannot overcome despite much prayer, Bible reading, and counseling. Consequently, there are many things that we become accustomed to living with, that aren't intended to be part of a Christian's life, which can be addressed and removed, bringing fresh renewal.

It was then that I had my first deliverance experience. Though I was not a part of the process except as an observer, I was so intimately involved that I could not deny what I had seen and experienced. Like many Christians I could not take that experience and jettison all the previous teaching and scripture I had learned concerning demon-possession. Instead, it drove me back to scripture. I began collecting an extensive library of spiritual warfare materials which continued to grow over the years. During the next two months I re-read and studied all the biblical passages I could unearth to affirm or deny the doctrine of demon-possession and the Christian. As I studied those relevant passages in context, my doctrine began to shift. In a separate chapter I will go into detail about my discoveries and why I now believe scripturally how a Christian can have a demon.

The second lady also came in for prayer after hearing the testimony of our first encounter. Shortly afterward, because of the freedom experienced by the women that Greg and I prayed with, other people began to surface asking for help. Greg let me sit and watch him as he ministered to one after another. One day a young lady from our congregation came in and as I began to set up an appointment with Greg, she said “No!” She did not know Greg nor did she trust him. She wanted me to do it. I was stunned, like a deer caught in the headlights. I gathered my breath and tried to remember everything I had seen and was taught, then stepped out. God honored me that day and I realized that God could use me just as He used Greg.

From that day forward I have been praying and counseling with people who just seem to appear out of the woodwork. They are coming through referral, either from individuals who have experienced newfound freedom, or from ministries that have partnered with us. God has been training me in a unique way, or at least it seems so to me. For a season he sent me easy cases and I was able to learn about power encounters through demon confrontation. While it may sound like a very intimidating concept it was not. Under Greg’s mentoring I learned that I could forbid the enemy to manifest in unwanted ways and that I could use an ordinary voice. God had me do this for the first couple of years then he began to teach me a different approach. Instead of working with spirit after spirit I found I could simply use Neil Anderson’s spiritual survey material to clean out the majority of issues. Then I could go after the enemy to remove what was left over.

Over the years God has taught me by sending waves of people with similar spiritual issues. First, I dealt with those who required testing of “counterfeit spiritual gifting,” then it was individuals diagnosed MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) or currently called DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Last year, it was a stream of people suffering from same sex attraction.


Same Sex Attraction

We have a very special burden with our brothers and sisters struggling with same sex attraction (SSA). Unlike many ministries that focus on the process of coping with conditions that can never really be changed, Moriah extends the hope that God can fully heal and restore to heterosexual attraction.


Glossary of Terms

An ancestral is one that has come down through the family line due to a legal right gained in previous generations. If a sin is unconfessed a demon may have gained a right and stay in a persons life.


What is a Curse?

Curses are declarations, contracts or requests for injury or evil to befall someone or something. They can be spoken or written words, incantations, or prayers that invoke evil spirits to do their work.


Satanic Ritual Abuse

Satanic Ritual Abuse creates severe internal soul damage and compounds the trauma with occult directed demonic attachments.